woensdag, juli 06, 2005

Start of the project

The idea of this project originally came from Tim (thanks mate for finding me a new project).
Allthough I have to visit my chickens every day (to get the eggs) I want an automated feeder system. Why? ..... just because it's cool.

I know there are many feeding systems available in the pet shop but I don't want them to have access to the specialised food the whole day. Exposing them to an unlimited supply of grains, corn, ... would stop them from eating my kitchen waste (and that's why we bought them in the first place).

How will it work
The idea is to mount a wooden plate in the chicken house to create a silo. At the bottom of that silo will come a transport system to get the grains to the feeding place. I will post pictures or diagrams later but at this time the design is only in my head.