zaterdag, juli 09, 2005

First prototype made + actual model

The first test was very succesfull, the drill was able to transport the food and didn't get stuck at any point.
Making the actual model was a different story though. Since I was affraid of the wooden block wearing out by the drill I used a piece of tropic hardwood. (thanks dad for supplying that).
On small remark though: tropic hardwood is HARD!!!
It costed us 30 minutes to drill about 10cm deep. With smoke coming out of the wooden block and the power drill, something had to go wrong. So 5cm before we got through the block my power drill passed away. Thanks to my dads professional power drill we were able to finish the job so I guess this is where you see the difference between a 250 Euro powerdrill and a 29 Euro one :-)

Result: Transport system is almost ready and pictures will be uploaded this weekend (I have my camera back)